Why you should visit Tagaytay and the Philippines


The Philippines is a beautiful country with a gracious and easy going people with hidden treasures like Tagaytay and, in my honest opinion, the absolute best beach, with the whitest sand in the world, Boracay .

What about being safe? Let's get this misconception out of the way right up front.

Admittedly the Philippines has suffered some negative publicity regarding a few isolated cases of kidnappings and terrorists attacks. IF you use common sense and don't walk around with gold watches and necklaces showing, or flashing a wad of hundred dollar bills, you'll be fine. Suffice that said, you are probably safer in the Philippines than you are in New York or any major city as a tourist. Security guards are visible everywhere from department stores, banks, hotels, motels, inns, movie cinemas, restaurants and there are police visible most everywhere. And you are checked going into such business establishments too.

While a few persons may be put off by this, we felt rather secure knowing that they are serious about such security measures. Other than a tiny portion of the largest and southern most island in the Philippines, Mindanao , (1,000 kilometers south of Manila and Tagaytay,) 99.999% of the Philippines is safe. And that small troubled area has US troops working along side the excellent Filipino army to eradicate the terrorist. A recent poll at the Mindanao home page asked its citizens: "Do you support sending US Combat Troops to Mindanao to fight the Abu Sayyaf and MILF Terrorists?" The results were outstanding. 83.1% that replied said YES while only 16.9% said no. I believe that speaks for and of itself about the Philippines.

Tagaytay is an exceedingly safe and exceptional place to visit. Try to budget a week to ten days in the Philippines, two to three weeks would be even better. See our Recommended Destinations in the Philippines for full particulars. But however much time you can afford to stay in the Philippines, set aside two to three nights minimum in Tagaytay or you'll miss out on one of the greatest views with serene and peaceful surroundings you'll ever experience. This picture says it all about Tagaytay!

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