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Thank you for visiting Tagaytay, probably the most pleasant city in Asia!

Essential links,

Main - This is our main or home page where it all begins.

Contact - Contact details on how to reach us for questions, suggestions and comments.

- A description of's reason for promoting Tagaytay and the Philippines.

- Philippines English language newspapers and their on-line links.

FAQ - The more important frequently asked questions and our answers about Tagaytay and the Philippines.

Brag Book - What the Philippine Dept. of Tourism & others have to say about us!

Category two links,

Where 2 Stay - Tagaytay's list of Hotels and Inns with prices for all visitors.

What 2 Do
- Everything and anything you'd want to do in Tagaytay and surrounding areas.

Where 2 Eat - A cornucopia of food delicacies for everyone's delicacy.

Directions-Map - How to get to Tagaytay from the time you step off the plane.

Best Deals - From free hotel rooms, $1 lunches to gourmet meals. This link shows you the best the Philippines has to offer at incredible prices.

Category three links,

Royal Taal Inn - Starting from just US$35 per night ( plus tax ) can get you the cheapest overlooking room in Tagaytay ... guaranteed!

Information - Detailed info about hotels, tours, resorts, banks, sight seeing, visa extensions, embassy contacts, recommended itinerary and bargains throughout the Philippines.

Casino - Try your hand with "Lady Luck" in the Tagaytay mountains.

Taal Volcano - Absolutely breathing views and a must see for every overseas visitor, including Filipinos.

More Pictures - A beautiful panorama in pictures of the best the Philippines and Tagaytay has to offer.

Category four links,

Special Offers - Special offerings for our browsers only - NOT found at any travel agency.

Recommended Destinations & Itinerary - Must SEE locations, resorts and cities in the Philippines with a 7 to 14 day suggested itinerary for our foreign visitors.

Travel Tips - Everything you need to know about the Philippines and Tagaytay from the time you walk off the plane. Includes hotels, transportation with suggested places and resorts to visit. Also useful tips on where to go, what to do and who to ask to get the best deals, plus much more.

Why You Should Visit - No excuse for you not to visit this marvelous country and especially Tagaytay, probably the most pleasant city in Asia.

Links to Related Sites - Links related to Tagaytay and the Philippines. Includes travel arrangements and bookings, hotels, news, weather and various official Philippines government web sites, plus a whole lot more in order to make your visit an enjoyable one.

Best Kept Secret In Tagaytay - Click on this link to learn not only the Best Kept Secret In Tagaytay and the Philippines, but maybe even the Orient itself.

Thank you for visiting Tagaytay, probably the most pleasant city in Asia.