Royal Taal Inn

The cheapest overlooking hotel rooms in Tagaytay ... GUARANTEED

Picture this view from your room!

The Royal Taal Inn's irresistible room rates are for two adults or a family of four ( two adults & two children under 16 only . ) Just scroll down this page for full details regarding this bargain!

The Royal Taal Inn is probably THE best bargain in the Philippines and perhaps in all of Asia.

This smart Filipino family run small business establishment offers outstanding value for your money, the best value in all of Tagaytay. It offers all the modern conveniences at knock down prices with exhilarating views of Taal Lake and volcano.

The Royal Taal Inn stands heads and shoulders above all the rest. Why? Because the Royal Taal offers the best value for the money I've come across in a very long time indeed!

They offer the least expensive overlooking hotel rooms in Tagaytay ... PERIOD! Starting from just Php 2,950 and up per night... ALL rooms at the Royal Taal offer spectacular views overlooking Taal Volcano. [Please note that all rates are subject to change without notice so please contact the Royal Taal Inn to be sure of the current and correct rates for your stay.]

PRICE : Their rate structure is very simple:

Much like the airlines, if you book and pay seven (7) days or "MORE" in advance via the Internet, you'll get the cheapest rates. Click here for those rates .

INN INFORMATION : The Royal Taal Inn is a smart, deluxe Hotel consisting of deluxe and superior rooms. All rooms offer spectacular overlooking views of Taal volcano and lake. Our superior rooms are end of unit rooms with extra large windows overlooking Taal Lake and volcano, whilst offering more privacy.

Enjoy a cup of coffee on a crisp morning, or a cup of tea overlooking Taal volcano during a speculator sunset on your own private porch. Alternatively have breakfast or rest on our roof top lounge area and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this wonderful city, Tagaytay. Your visit to Tagaytay and stay at the Royal Taal Inn will become one of your most memorable travel treasures.

In order for this family run establishment to offer overlooking rooms at knock down prices, they had to limit the number of guest rooms available. WE only offer six guests rooms and believe me, our rooms book up fast! While other Tagaytay hotel rooms (overlooking) START at P2,800 per night (US$55,) it's strictly first come, first served on availability at The Royal Taal Inn. Starting from just PHP2,800 per night, the rooms go very fast. This is why the Royal Taal Inn offers such outstanding value for your money. It is truly the best bargain in the Philippines, and perhaps in all of Asia!

Though there is a limited number of rooms, no expense was spared in building and furnishing each room in luxurious fashion.

Amenities :

Each guest room has all the modern conveniences, i.e.

24-hour direct dial telephone
Continental breakfast included
Satellite TV with more than 35 channels
All rooms en suite (your own private comfort room ,) which is the local lingo for "rest or bath room."
Each comfort room comes with a shower, toilet and sink with very impressive tiles and strong hot and cold running      water.
Queen size and twin beds available.
Bunk beds for your children ...they'll love them
Each room has air cond, as the locals call it (better known as air conditioning,) but you'll rarely if ever need it.
The large windows and doors, all screened, offers a breeze during the night, which at times requires a blanket to keep      you warm.
Each room has its own private balcony with sitting area offering magnificent views of Taal volcano and lake.
The superior rooms offers extra large windows with superior views of Taal volcano and lake.
Roof Top Lounge area
Roof Top breakfast area
Extra sleeping beds available ( additional cost per adult .)
Internet access available for your own laptop.
Breakfast available ( included. )
DVD and VCD's available ( additional cost. )
Public transportation stops right in front of the Royal Taal Inn.
Speculator views of Taal volcano and lake from all rooms
Pick-up and return to airport available ( additional cost ,) for our international visitors.
24-hour security guards
Snacks and soft drinks available (additional cost ) until late evening time.
Sight seeing and travel agency bookings available to help you enjoy your stay.
Just minutes to restaurants, parks and major attractions, i.e. golf courses, casino, horse back riding, picnic area, plus      much more

The surprisingly large rooms sleeps two adults and two children, a rare event in today's holiday industry, though there are only a few rooms suitable for a family of four and they do book up fast. There's even FREE wi-fi - internet access available for your own laptop computer!

Though the Royal Taal doesn't have a restaurant, (another way they keep the cost down,) you can enjoy morning breakfast on the inn's rooftop area, and order snacks and sandwich's until evening time. Soda's, long distance telephone calling cards, a DVD player and DVD/VCD movies are also available for rent along with other miscellaneous but at times essential necessities. These include, but are not limited to tooth brushes, tooth paste, razors, local mobile phone sim chips, top up and long distance calling cards are all available. Everything is well thought out and planned for both visiting Filipino's and especially overseas guests. Fluent English is spoken by the proprietors and staff.

Special pick-up from Manila's NAIA International Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport, is available upon request and pre-payment. E-mail us at for a quote.

Probably the best perk of all is the friendly, efficient and warm hospitality this family run business offers. You'll feel more like you're at home or your best friends house, rather than staying at an inn. The family goes way beyond being helpful offering to arrange transportation, reservations and suggesting "to do" recommendations during your stay. What a refreshing change from the run of the mill business establishments that seem so impersonal nowadays.

The family running the Royal Taal Inn , trusts that by offering excellent value for money, they will encourage other Tagaytay and Filipino establishments to lower their prices accordingly. Who knows, maybe this idea of bringing prices into parity with other Asian nations will spread across the Philippines and help attract a greater number of visitors to this friendly and marvelously beautiful country. At least that is the goal behind this site. Therefore it may be a good idea to bookmark or save this site as one of your favorites as we will endeavor to continually update and bring you the very best deals in Tagaytay and the Philippines we can muster up.

Each room at the Royal Taal Inn offers breathing views of Taal volcano

We invite you and you're family to enjoy the warm hospitality the Royal Taal Inn offers to assure you an enjoyable, pleasant and relaxing stay in Tagaytay.

PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE : The Royal Taal Inn is a small yet smart establishment with limited (6) rooms, so rooms book up fast. In order for you to receive the cheapest overlooking rates in Tagaytay, you must avail yourself of our e-commerce/Internet booking rates by booking and paying for your room at least SEVEN DAYS IN ADVANCE.

Like the airlines, The Royal Taal Inn offers a large discount to those who book, guarantee and pay for a room 7 days or MORE in advance . Rooms booked LESS than 7 days prior to arrival and for walk-ins, the room rates are higher starting.

Our current Internet room rates are half the price of ALL OTHER overlooking room rates throughout Tagaytay. In fact other hotels START at US$95 and up per night at the famous Days Inn and Taal Vista hotels. See The Royal Taal Inn's current Internet rates by clicking on this link HERE!

In order to continue to offer these very low rates please respect and appreciate this policy. Thank you for your understanding.

DIRECTIONS : The Royal Taal Inn is located on Calamba Road, (in front of the La Verna House of Pray,) BGY Iruhin Central Tagaytay City, immediately before the famous "Crosswinds" Development. We are on the right hand side of the road on the way towards Palace in the Sky or as its called now, People's Park in the Sky . It's about 4 1/2 kilometers from Silang Crossing, McDonalds, Chow King and Jollibee's restaurants.

From the city market head East towards Taal Lake where you can see Taal volcano. Then turn LEFT onto Tagaytay Calamba Road and head towards Picnic Groove and the Palace in the Sky . The Royal Taal Inn is about one kilometer past Picnic Groove on the right hand side of the road overlooking the magnificent Taal Lake and Volcano.

From Olivarez Plaza and the Rotunda (near McDonald's, Jollibee, etc.,) make a 90 degree LEFT hand turn around the rotunda circle and head out Calamba Road so that Taal Volcano and Lake is on your RIGHT side.

On the map below, the X marks the spot where The Royal Taal Inn is located. It is on the far right side of the map on Calamba Road approximately 1 kilometer before you arrive at The Palace in the Sky and about 1.5 kilometers after The Picnic Groove Park!

Map directions to The Royal Taal Inn

Click on the links below for the pertinent information about the brand new Royal Taal Inn. Their irresistible rates will astonish you!

Inn Information
Pictures of The Royal Taal Inn
Special Balikbayan Offer
Special Overseas Visitor's Offer

Reservations :

Reservations are now being accepted on a first come, first served basis!

We are a small, smart, luxurious establishment, so our rooms sell out fast because of the cheapest rates and spectacular views of Taal volcano and lake.

For reservations, questions or inquires just email or fax us at international dialing code + 63 2 857 2228 . Or from within the Philippines fax 02 857 2228.

Our telephone number is: international dialing code + 63 46 483 1066. Or from within the Philippines call 046 483 1066

Our mobile number is: international dialing code + 63 927 555 1144. Or from within the Philippines call 0927 555 1144. Please note: We DO NOT reply to any TEXT messages .

We are more than happy to assist you with your hotel needs and happy to answer your questions. If you do fax us, please include an e-mail address and we DO NOT answer inquiries by facsimile.

Check in time is 12 noon and check out time is 11am. Special consideration and assistance maybe made for our long haul overseas visitors ONLY. Room reservations are confirmed ONLY when payment has been made in full. [None refundable rates available only applies .] As with with discounted airfares, last minute or walk in room rates are higher than our low Internet rate. Book NOW to guarantee your special rate in Tagaytay!

Room Reservation Guarantee : A room is considered reserved and guaranteed if and only if The Royal Taal Inn has received payment in full. See terms and conditions on the reservation authorization form here download .

Please note, like the airlines non refundable tickets, all our rooms booked and paid for in advance ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

How To Pay :

We try to make it as easy as soon for you to reserve and pay for your rooms. Here are your payment options:

Secure credit card order page
Remit payment by Western Union or via a Philippine money transfer store
Remit payment by direct bank deposit into our Equitable PCI bank account
Pay by PayPal - email for pay in details.
Pay on-line by credit card - BOOK NOW ONLINE HERE.
Download our reservation form and fax it to us.

Just email us at and request your preferred method of remittance for your payment.

CONTACT : Our address is:

Royal Taal Inn
Calamba Road
(In Front of La Verna House of Pray.)
BGY Iruhin Central
Tagaytay City

For reservations, questions or inquires just email or fax us at international dialing code + 63 2 857 2228 . Or from within the Philippines fax 02 857 2228

Our telephone number is: international dialing code + 63 46 483 1066. Or from within the Philippines call 046 483 1066

Our mobile number is: international dialing code + 63 927 555 1144. Or from within the Philippines call 0927 555 1144. Please note: We DO NOT reply to any TEXT messages .

For fastest service please use e-mail. If you send us a fax, please PRINT clearly and concisely and be sure to include an e-mail address as we do NOT reply by facsimile. We reply by e-mail only.

We look forward to hosting you during your stay at The Royal Taal Inn and your visit to Tagaytay ... Probably the most Pleasant City in Asia.

M. Adrias