Recommended Destinations in the Philippines


There's no shortage of options, places and resorts for you to visit whilst you vacation in the Philippines. We'll endeavor in this page to suggest the best the Philippines has to offer. Naturally how long you have to stay in the Philippines will have a huge bearing on your travel schedule and itinerary. None the less we'll name the top spots for you, and then recommend a 7 to 14 day itinerary .

The smallest, yet most active volcano in the world ... Taal volcano


Please feel free to email us at with any comments, suggestions or questions and we will be more than happy to try our best to answer you. Please bear in mind that does not receive any commissions, referral fees or compensation from any of the establishments we mention at this site. The comments, thoughts and suggestions throughout this web site are based on my own personal experiences since first visiting the Philippines in 1967.

We present this web site in the spirit of promoting both domestic and international tourism in the Philippines and Tagaytay, and to encourage you to personally experience Tagaytay, probably the most pleasant city in Asia!

Tagaytay: First and at the top of the list is naturally Tagaytay . Tagaytay is as near to being paradise that I've come across in 39 years of travel. Its laid back, serene with astonishing scenery that can only be called breath taking. Click here for more information about Tagaytay , probably the most pleasant city in Asia!

Boracay : With its crystal clear blue water and white sands, Boracay is, IMO, the absolute best beach in the world, bar none. Along with Tagaytay, it is a must visit destination whilst in the Philippines. Click here for more information about Boracay .

Manila : Most visitors will arrive at Manila's NAIA International Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport and should stay in Manila for at least the first night. But don't short change this great city; it has hidden secrets to offer and bargains galore. Click here for more information about Manila .

Leyte: Leyte Island is not far from Manila and Tagaytay. It is a very historic place and has a memorial to the late great American General Douglas Mac Arthur. This is where Mac Arthur returned after keeping his word when he vowed, " I shall return ".This is of special interest to our American visitors due to the numerous historical sights to see. Click here for more information on visiting this area.

Palawan : Palawan is home to two of my favorite resorts in the Philippines, the Miniloc and Lagen Resorts located in El Nino, Northern Palawan. If you have the time and can spare the cash, a visit to either of these smart resorts is well worth it. There's a cornucopia of things to do from scuba diving, snorkeling and picnic lunches on deserted islands amongst other exciting and relaxing activities for you to enjoy. And you can even stay in a room ON THE WATER. Click here for more information about these fabulous locations .

Banaue and Baguio : Banaue is about a nine hour bus trip from Manila and Baguio respectably. It also takes about six hours from Manila to reach Baguio. If you have the time, make the trip as you'll be witness to one of the worlds man made wonders, the Banaue rice terraces. Click here for more inform about a trip to North Luzon and these exciting locales.

Cebu : They say the best hotel and resort in the Philippines, and one of the best in the world, is the Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort, Cebu. And boy will you pay for it. Recommended only for those that have money to throw around.

More sensible and far more affordable, yet right down the road from the Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort in Cebu, is the Maribago Bluewater Resort . An obscure travel agency offers package deals to this lovely resort where we stayed and had a most enjoyable time. Best of all, they offer a package deal at a knock down price. The staff at the Maribago Bluewater Resort were more than helpful, efficient and friendly. Click here for more info about this resort and Cebu .

Bohol: Bohol is a boat ride away from Cebu and is home to the world famous Chocolate Hills . They say if you want to see the real Philippines, go to Bohol and visit the chocolate hills. Click here for additional information.

Of course where ever you visit and travel in the Philippines, take your time to meet and get to know the Filipino people. You'd be hard pressed to meet a kinder and friendly group of people than the Filipino's.

The Filipino people are friendly, helpful and a delight to get to know. They love children and the children will love you. If you are a male foreigner visiting, expect to be called "Joe". Don't be offended. This is the Filipino's way of being grateful, 58 years on, for what the Americans, i.e. G. I. JOE, did for the Philippines and the Filipino people during World War 2. Hence calling you JOE!

Recommended Itinerary for the Philippines : By no means is the following recommendations for everyone. It is simply a guide in hopes of suggesting what we feel the best the Philippines has to offer for those with a limited time schedule. It represents a drop in a huge ocean of places to visit and experience in this great and wondrous country, the Philippines.

Remember your money goes a long way in the Philippines , a lot further than most other Asian countries. So here goes;

Arrive in Manila and stay one night. Hire an FX (van like taxi) or a private car. Both come with a driver and costs about $25 for the sixty to ninety minute ride to Tagaytay City . Naturally there are other less expensive, but inconvenient methods of getting there. However, after a long haul flight an FX or private car with someone driving you is the way to go.

The cost of the Manila FX or car hire with driver is for all day. So you can check into your hotel in Tagaytay, and if you're up to it, have your driver take you around to as many of the Tagaytay sights you can handle. Then you can retire for a well deserved nights sleep.

Stay a minimum of two or preferably three nights, relaxing and recuperating from your long haul flight. The sights of Taal volcano are simply speculator and is hard to put into words. The cool clean air and atmosphere will guarantee a sound and somber sleep. Where ever you decide to stay in Tagaytay, make sure you get a room overlooking Taal volcano. That is a must when staying in Tagaytay!

Click here for The Best Kept Secret In The Philippines , rooms overlooking Taal volcano at rock bottom prices.

Depart Tagaytay early morning and travel to Manila's domestic airport for a flight to Boracay , about a one hour flight. Relax and enjoy, IMO, the best beach with the whitest sand in the world. I've never met anyone who visited Tagaytay or Boracay that didn't fall in love with either place. Stay a minimum of two, or better yet, three nights. There are package deals galore and you can find some real bargains at this site,

Return to Metro Manila and stay two days taking in as much as you can. You'll be surprised at the bargains and sightseeing Manila has to offer you.

Time permitting take an inexpensive bus trip to Baguio and or Banaue .The buses are clean, safe and come with air conditioning, plus you'll see three of the latest first run movies to help pass the time. But you may want to enjoy the scenery instead. Two nights in Baguio and one night in Banaue should give you enough time to see and do everything, including one of the world's man made wonders, the Banaue rice terraces, 2,000 years in the making. For those on a tight time schedule, there is limited air service to Baguio, though a bit pricey as seats are limited and flights are usually sold out days in advance.

Return to Manila. Stay one night and depart the Philippines and start planning your return visit.

The above suggested itinerary is 7 to 11 nights and eight to twelve days, depending on your personal preferences and time available. This is well within everyone's time frame.

Time permitting you may want to visit El Nino, Northern Palawan and the fabulous resorts they have there, i.e. the Miniloc and Lagen Resorts . If you take the time and make the effort three nights at these resorts will suit you fine.

Return to Manila, stay one night, then depart.

Whenever you come visit, and where ever your sojourn takes you in the Philippines, wishes you an enjoyable, safe and wonderful journey. We trust you'll visit Tagaytay City , probably the most pleasant city in Asia.

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Thank you for visiting Tagaytay, probably the most pleasant city in Asia!

Photo's above left to right: Taal Lake & Volcano - One of the hundreds of virgin beaches - Filipina girls at play!

Photo's above left to right: The Miniloc Resort, Palawan - Typical Philippines provisional hut - 2,000 years in the making, the world famous Banaue rice terraces