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Here are some of the best deals and free offers in Tagaytay. This site is constantly being updated with the latest offers, so it may be a good idea to bookmark or add this site as one of your favorites. Just click on the links below to take advantage of these incredible deals!

Josephine's Restaurant Tagaytay - US$5 all you can eat buffet.

Royal Taal Inn - From just Php 2,300 (US$45) per night rooms with incredible overlooking views.

Palace in the Sky - A few pesos for the best overlooking view in Tagaytay.

Picnic Groove - Just a few pesos for fun for the entire family.

The City Market - Fresh fruit, where you can get 4 of the sweetest and most delicious pineapples you've ever tasted for less than US$1

Casino - Try you're luck and you may win your small entrance fee back!

Taal Volcano - The views are breathtaking and memorable. Best of all its FREE!

Boat Trip to the Volcano - About $7.50 each for a family of four.

Taal Lake Yacht Club was set up primarily as a sailing club. However, the way it is set up, it is now considered one of the best campgrounds within 1 hour from Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines.

Rates are $2/day/person. It costs $3 to pitch a tent for the evening, and very large native style open cabanas surrounded by flowers and soft grass are available for around $8 per day.

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